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Custom Home Designer Ana Maria Monsalvo

 Ana Maria’s path in becoming an extraordinary architect in her homeland Colombia, a custome home designer, and 3d architectural visualization Pro began early in her life. Ana had a real talent as a child to design. She excels in her early school days in technical drawing classes, arts, and anything related to design. This passion for creating something harmonic in a 2d plane took her to become an architect student. She enrolls in her home town’s Universidad Piloto de Colombia-Bogota, in the architecture program. There, she studied with some of the best professors in architecture and learned techniques that will later develop in to great designs. Ana Maria graduated top in her class, creating 3d representation of Public Space, gaining her the respect of the University, where her work still is one of the top projects form any undergraduate student. Ana Maria has designed many high end residence and estates for the most prestigious clients in Bogota, Colombia and other cities. She has been chief architect in the design of mid and high rise buildings working for prestigious builders. These designs are now part of Bogota and Cali Sky scape. Ana Maria is currently in Houston, TX where she does home design and 3d renderings. She has designed many upscale residential properties in the most expensive neighborhoods of Houston. She has also designed town homes, bungalows, craftsman, in the Houston Heights, Rice military, and Memorial areas. Working as designer in many projects, Ana Maria felt the need to give life to her 2d designs into 3d visualization. She holds three international certifications from the top software developer of 3d render industry. Now she is not only able to produced beautiful and funsional cad design buildings, but she is also able to bring life to them before constructions begins with 3d architectural renderings. Ana also help other architects, designers, builders, developers, and investors in home design and 3d architectural visualization in Houston, Austin, Dallas, San Antonio, TX as well as international markets. Ana Maria will be happy to work in you next project, weather it is residential bungalow or Mediterranean mansion, Ana Maria can help with the building design and 3d rendering visualization of your next project.